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1 week ago

Some of the fun we have.

They say busy hands are happy hands. Well, mine are busting at the seams with joy. Made over 4100 subs for our friends throughout Ohio, served hundreds more at the Heritage of Flight Festival in New Carlisle, Ohio. Watched my Buckeyes get a little better this week at the expense of Sparty. Then ... See more

2 weeks ago

4020 Subs

2 weeks ago

This is SUB WEEK. We have set yet another RECORD. We have sold 4020 subs. How do we make 4020 subs you ask? Well here is the preparation party. These fine folks come in at 9:00 am and back the veggies. Lunch is potluck and as you can see a fantastic spread is available. We are a happy bunch ... See more

2 weeks ago

Sporting Clay Shoot

3 weeks ago

Good morning Brothers, just a friendly reminder. Hope to see you there.

1 month ago

The FIRST Saturday of the month is TOMORROW. Come out and get a great breakfast. We start serving at 7:30 am and will stop about 10:00 am.

2 months ago

Brethren, I hope to see you at the DGM Rollout tomorrow, August 20, Grove City Lodge located at 3558 Park Street in Grove City. Starts at 7:00pm, brethren and ladies welcome, business casual please.

2 months ago

Nice read.

Solomon gave orders to build a temple for the Name of the Lord and a royal palace for himself. He conscripted 70,000 men as carriers and 80,000 as stonecutters in the hills and 3,600 as foremen over them. Solomon sent this message to Hiram king of Tyre: “Send me cedar logs as you did for my ... See more

2 months ago

Now this is cool.

I imagine most of you have never seen the Ohio River DRIED UP ! Here''s a pic from the drought of October 15, 1908. View is from the W. Va. side looking across to Bridgeport, Ohio.

2 months ago

Coming Tuesday August 20th at 7 PM to Grove City Masonic Lodge #689.

Deputy Grand Master Keith Newton spoke to a full house at Western Reserve Masonic Community in Medina, telling them about plans for the 2019-2020 Masonic year and answering questions from the Brethren. It was a great day for Freemasonry in Northeast Ohio. All are invited to join the Deputy Grand ... See more