Information for Members

Members of Grove City Lodge will find useful information on this page, perhaps especially our newest Brothers still looking for that place to “fit in”. The easiest and quickest way to find your place and get to know many Brothers is to volunteer your time. That is what Freemasonry asks of you – it is not a spectator activity!

A little about our meetings:


  • 1st and 3rd Monday of each month Sept – June at 7:30 pm

  • Lodge business is conducted

  • Refreshments are served following each meeting

  • We encourage members of any degree to attend

Fellowcraft Club

  • 3rd Monday of each month following the Stated meeting

  • We discuss fundraising activities and allocate proceeds

  • We encourage members of any degree to attend

Special Meetings

  • Special meetings are called by the Master as needed for degree work and any other business not conducted in a Stated meeting. Generally these are short notice but added to the online calendar as needed

  • We encourage members who have already received the degree being performed to attend. Having passed the proficiency exam for the degree is not necessary

We all have busy schedules, families, jobs, school, sports… so many things that keep us going in 100 directions daily. The fact is, that’s actually the biggest reason to occasionally slow down and be in good company with like minded people. Giving back to the fraternity, the community, and society is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

Fun fact: membership dues pay the rent and bills, not much else. Our long list of donations to national and local charities every year are made possible only through successful fundraisers, and only our member’s hard work can make them successful.

Everyone can make an impact in their own way. We have opportunities for every schedule. Here are just a few ways to consider:

  • Master Masons can take advantage of Freemason University – a free course to learn much more about the fraternity and build leadership skills amongst Masons. Especially those interested in being an officer will benefit even further from the Grand Lodge’s online continuing education courses on Masonic Code, the Officers Manual, and Ancient Charges.

  • Simply show up for stated meetings. Really! You can grab some candy on the way in, then just sit there and smile. Occasionally clap your hands and act like the Master is saying important things… he’ll really enjoy that and it makes him feel useful. The actual important stuff happens after the meetings when we eat.

  • Work the Saturday Breakfast. It’s hot and messy but pays dividends in bonding with your hard working Brothers.

  • Learn degree work. Even if you have no time to be an officer, learning a charge or other small part will be very rewarding! If even a small talking part doesn’t interest you, we have non-speaking parts with very little to train for.

  • Join us for the Special Needs Pizza Party. Just come, eat pizza, and show the kids we care!

  • Help us hand out snacks and play games with veterans in need at the VA Hospital in Chillicothe.

  • Spend just an hour or two of your time at fundraisers such as the smoothie stand at Arts in the Alley, or the hot chocolate stand during the Grove City Christmas Celebration.

  • Speaking of Arts in the Alley, during the parade you can pass out candy or even ride the float and wave like royalty (we won’t judge…well maybe a little 🙂

  • Travel with the officers to other lodges for their annual Inspection. This is a great way to meet your Brothers around central Ohio, and compare notes regarding which lodge does the best degree work *wink*

  • Are you mechanical? The Grove City Temple Company (who owns the building) can always use the various skills of our members for odd jobs around the lodge building.

  • Sell subs. Promote subs. Make subs. Eat subs.

  • There is much more! If you have other ways you feel you can make a difference, large or small, please let us know!

Also a few other things to keep in mind:

  • Most importantly: If you have questions (of course you do) ask, ask, and ask some more

  • The first Stated meeting in November is called the “Annual Meeting”. This is when officers are elected for the coming year, audit reports and budgets are due, and your annual dues are required to be paid by end of meeting. You should receive a reminder and envelope from the Secretary about 2 months in advance. If not, please update your information!

  • Always make sure the Secretary has your current email and mailing address to stay in touch

  • Make use of the Calendar and if you find inaccuracies please report them